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Villagio Hospitality Group Web Development

Villagio Hospitality Group came to us with a request to develop 10 of their websites. Moreover, this was for cohesiveness, responsiveness and an easy-to-use CMS and SEO ready with room to grow online visibility. To successfully achieve this, we developed a wireframe which outlined what each website would look like and how they would vary with colors and fonts. Continue Reading >

CommuterDirect.com Website

Redmon created a secure management system and database that handles product management, account management, payment authorization, order fulfillment, order tracking, inventory tracking, system accounting, and reporting. In addition, the system also incorporates diverse payment options that include major credit cards, pre-paid cards, and checking accounts. Continue Reading >

VRE Website

Redmon developed and deployed a state-of-the-art website for Virginia Railway Express (VRE), Northern Virginia’s commuter-oriented rail passenger service. Partnered with Pulsar, Redmon implemented a responsively-designed site and content management system (CMS). This provides a one stop portal for riders and VRE staff to update, communicate, and find information. Continue Reading >

OmniRide Website

Redmon converted a static website into a content management system-based website. The introduction of a CMS allows client staff to make content and media changes to the website easily. Continue Reading >

GTrans Website

Redmon’s SEO efforts on this website led to a strong introduction of the new organization's identity to search-engine rankings. When GTrans premiered, the identity had to compete on Google against Google Translate. Just three months after the website's launch, this company resoundingly supplanted Google Translate on search-engine rankings; for instance. Continue Reading >

Dulles Metro Website

Redmon converted a static website into a content management system-based website. Consequently, the introduction of a CMS allows client staff to make content and media changes to the website easily. Continue Reading >

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Optimization Tools for Site Improvement

Website Optimization

Site optimization tools are key for diagnosing why a website is slow, has accessibility issues or even how to improve the site for search engine optimization (SEO). Continue Reading >

The Future of Web Development Trends

Web development trends have evolved a lot in the past 30 years. In the beginning, it was based on the development of pages and websites for the Internet, Intranet and Extranet. Mostly text, some images, and very few videos or sounds. Continue Reading >

Image Optimization For Better SEO

An image is worth a thousand words; and with optimization, this phrase can be true. Continue Reading >

User Experience: 10 Ways to Improve Your Website

Websites that have been built with user experience in mind fair much better than websites that were built based on the company's needs without considering their users and potential clients. Continue Reading >

7 Tips to a Better SEO Ranking in 2022

There is so much to learn, adapt to and implement when it comes to SEO ranking. It's all about trying to get your website reach higher up in search results; and there are so many different ways to make that happen. Continue Reading >

SEO Content Writing: The Perfect Blog Post

In order to score high on Yoast SEO tests, we need excellent content writing. Shorter, simpler sentences may help with analysis results. Continue Reading >

Going Dark on Your Website

You probably have seen on your computer or social media apps the option “dark mode”. This setting allows to view your screen with a dark theme. Continue Reading >

Seven Reasons SEO Is key for Website Design

Search Engine Optimization is a tool that increases the visibility of your website. It’s a set of practices that will help understand what people are searching for. Continue Reading >

UX Is key for Success

The term User Experience in web design that has to do with how the user interacts and engages with a product or service. Continue Reading >

How We Can Help Restaurant Industry Spotlight Their Services

At Redmon, we have had vast experience designing restaurant websites. These sites center on user experience, usability, and attractive visual design. Continue Reading >

Content Management System - Why You Need One

Often abbreviated as CMS, it's a software product that allows users to easily update content. This doesn't require programming or development skills. Does your company currently have a static website? If so, you probably rely on a third-party company to update your content for you. Continue Reading >