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Villagio Hospitality Group Web Development

Villagio Hospitality Group came to us with a request to develop 10 of their websites. Moreover, this was for cohesiveness, responsiveness and an easy-to-use CMS and SEO ready with room to grow online visibility. To successfully achieve this, we developed a wireframe which outlined what each website would look like and how they would vary with colors and fonts. Continue Reading >

PEPFAR's History of AIDS Website

Redmon ported a hard-coded, multi-display exhibition to an CMS-managed, HTML5-based website, usable on any display size or dimension. Continue Reading >

Taking Charge Digital Learning

Taking Charge is a mobile website exclusively for a research study for use on a mobile device only for ISA Group. As a matter of fact, the site is for anyone who is interested in staying active and healthy. In addition, it is targeted for adults who are interested in life-long learning and living life to its fullest. Continue Reading >

Challenger Center Interactive Media

Since 2010, Redmon has been actively working with the Challenger Center for Space Science Education. In addition, this is a global network of more than 50 interactive learning environments/simulators. Consequently, Redmon upgrades and enhances their interactive mission simulation systems continually. Continue Reading >

San Francisco State University Digital Learning

Researchers at San Francisco State University and the University of California, San Francisco turned to Redmon to create an online version of a classroom-based workshop. This workshop was developed for promoting healthy relationships among gay male couples. Continue Reading >

Healthy Past 50 Digital Learning

Healthy Past 50 - Your Health: Find yo

Redmon worked with ISA Group to create Healthy Past 50: Your Guide to Feeling Young & Vital, a multimedia-rich, health promotion website for older workers that contains videos, interactive quizzes and activities. In addition, mobile-friendly tracking tools, a content management system, and more. We also built an administrative system that allows ISA to manage and track users of the site. Continue Reading >

VRE Website

Redmon developed and deployed a state-of-the-art website for Virginia Railway Express (VRE), Northern Virginia’s commuter-oriented rail passenger service. Partnered with Pulsar, Redmon implemented a responsively-designed site and content management system (CMS). This provides a one stop portal for riders and VRE staff to update, communicate, and find information. Continue Reading >

OmniRide Website

Redmon converted a static website into a content management system-based website. The introduction of a CMS allows client staff to make content and media changes to the website easily. Continue Reading >

GTrans Website

Redmon’s SEO efforts on this website led to a strong introduction of the new organization's identity to search-engine rankings. When GTrans premiered, the identity had to compete on Google against Google Translate. Just three months after the website's launch, this company resoundingly supplanted Google Translate on search-engine rankings; for instance. Continue Reading >

NYC Ferry Transit Displays

Redmon provides critical transit information used by millions of New York City commuters and visitors. Also, provides their Transit Display digital signage solution for all stops in the NYC Ferry network. The network has multiple routes with 24 piers between the Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, and Staten Island. Continue Reading >

GoRaleigh Transit Display

Redmon provided a hardware and software transit solution unique to the region for GoRaleigh Station. Consequently, it has continued to evolve with the needs of the client and ridership. The digital signage solution consists of multiple dual-sided LCD panels at each platform. Also, it consists of a bank of 8 LCD panels at the information kiosk. Continue Reading >

Aging Well Digital Learning

This program is designed to help you make and maintain the behavioral choices that will enable you to be as healthy as you can be and to age as gracefully as possible. Continue Reading >

Dulles Metro Website

Redmon converted a static website into a content management system-based website. Consequently, the introduction of a CMS allows client staff to make content and media changes to the website easily. Continue Reading >

Breathe Digital Learning

Breathe screen

Breathe is a stress management website for nurses that Redmon custom designed and developed. The content-rich iPad-friendly site contains video testimonials, animations, audio, interactive quizzes and exercises, a mobile-friendly stress tracking tool, a content management system, and administrative tools for managing and tracking users. Continue Reading >

Phi Gamma Delta

Partnered with The Design Minds, Redmon created a website and an interactive touch table, both using the Mura CMS. This is an innovative application of the traditional use of the CMS in order to achieve the organizational goals. Consequently, this approach allowed for the interactive experience on the touch table replication online for those who could not visit the headquarters in person. Continue Reading >

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Content Management System - Why You Need One

Often abbreviated as CMS, it's a software product that allows users to easily update content. This doesn't require programming or development skills. Does your company currently have a static website? If so, you probably rely on a third-party company to update your content for you. Continue Reading >