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User Experience: 10 Ways to Improve Your Website

Websites that have been built with user experience in mind fair much better than websites that were built based on the company’s needs without considering their users and potential clients. Continue Reading >

Going Dark on Your Website

You probably have seen on your computer or social media apps the option “dark mode”. This setting allows to view your screen with a dark theme. Continue Reading >

Why Accessibility Is Key for a Good Website

Here at Redmon, we follow closely the Web Accessibility guidelines when we develop websites and applications. Continue Reading >

Seven Reasons SEO Is key for Website Design

Search Engine Optimization is a tool that increases the visibility of your website. It’s a set of practices that will help understand what people are searching for. Continue Reading >

Responsiveness of a Website Design

Designing a website has always been a challenge. With responsive design, we need to consider all types of devices when designing a website. Continue Reading >

UX Is key for Success

The term User Experience in web design that has to do with how the user interacts and engages with a product or service. Continue Reading >