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Frequently Asked Questions

Web Development:

What kind of sites do you develop?

All types; we have a strong history with transit, hospitality and workplace health.

What hosting solutions are available to me?

Our specialists will work with you to select the best hosting solutions for your needs. We will also assist with setting up and supporting your hosting needs.

Do you offer any CMS support?

Absolutely! Our developers will teach you and your team how to maintain your website. We also work in a wide variety of environments and will support you every step of the way.

Transit Display:

What is Transit Display?

It’s our digital signage software product that emphasizes presenting content styled in your way, not just using cookie-cutter designs. More info is available here (www.transitdisplay.com).

Can I customize Transit Display for my property?

Absolutely, every Transit Display sign features a custom design centered around your space and/or branding so that it is not only informative but looks great as well.

Does Redmon provide hardware solutions as well?

We are a software company and as such we do not sell the hardware needed to host our signs. However, we have years of experience working with different types of hardware and can assist you in finding an affordable solution for your needs.

Digital Learning:

What is Digital Learning?

It’s a broad term for software that facilitates learning, be it delivered as an app, a website, or something else.

I would like to put together a Digital Learning program, what assistance does Redmon offer?

With over 20 years of experience creating digital learning products, Redmon has the creative and technical expertise to help you produce effective, engaging learning solutions. Whether you are looking to be guided through the process from conceptualization and design to implementation and delivery, or you just need help with a single task – whether it be creating a storyboard, designing an interface, shooting a video, implementing an adaptive assessment, simulation or text messaging feedback system, setting up a learning management system, or something else – we’re ready to jump in.

Interactive Media:

What is Interactive Media?

Interactive Media (historically also known as Interactive Multimedia or just Multimedia) is software designed to engage the user by inviting input (interactivity) instead of just passive viewing. For us, interactive media has taken the form of museum “experiences”, gamified online digital learning, and much more.

What types of Interactive Media experiences do you offer?

We’re experts at combining leading-edge interactive technologies and rich media, such as video, audio, 3D graphics, and animation, to create engaging and memorable interactive experiences and games.

AV Integration:

What is AV Integration?

AV Integration is a sub-set of Professional Audio/Visual (AV) services emphasizing providing and configuring AV hardware to support fixed installations (such as at museums). Much of our AV Integration work has been in conjunction with our Interactive Media production. Discover more of our AV integration services.

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