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7 Tips to a Better SEO Ranking in 2022

There is so much to learn, adapt to and implement when it comes to SEO ranking. It’s all about trying to get your website reach higher up in search results; and there are so many different ways to make that happen. Continue Reading >

Social Media Trends in Digital Learning

Digital learning has been influenced a lot by current social media trends. Currently, social media is moving heavily more into video; and digital learning is following suit, or at least should be. Continue Reading >

Social Media and Public Transit

Social media has completely changed the way that companies do business. Before Facebook, Linkedin and other social apps, companies had their online presence through a website as a form of showcasing their products and services. Continue Reading >

Going Dark on Your Website

You probably have seen on your computer or social media apps the option “dark mode”. This setting allows to view your screen with a dark theme. Continue Reading >

How We Can Help Restaurant Industry Spotlight Their Services

At Redmon, we have had vast experience designing restaurant websites. These sites center on user experience, usability, and attractive visual design. Continue Reading >