Alexandria Renew Enterprises

Interactive Media

Immersive, Interactive, Engaging

Partnered with Design Minds, Redmon designed, programmed and installed touch-screen interactives and digital signage for exhibit space at the Education Center of Alexandria Renew Enterprises (ARE), a water recovery and treatment facility. 

Visitors can explore typical household activities (brushing teeth, washing clothes, etc.) by answering questions, which will estimate the average gallons of water they use per activity. The program then generates a report on the visitor's total water use per week and recommends strategies to reduce water consumption. The visitor has an option to email this report to themselves so they may keep it as a reminder.

Redmon created interactive experiences that engage visitors to think about conserving their water use at home, and educate visitors on ARE's role within the community.


Redmon used the client's scripts and exhibit concepts to create graphical treatments and mock-ups during the design phase. After the final design approval, Redmon produced extensive custom illustrations, animations, video, and programming for the interactives. In addition to the interactives, Redmon deployed our Transit Display software to five locations at the ARE headquarters. We customized our software so that ARE may display internal communications to their staff and public-facing communications for visitors.