Developing Creative Experiences While Enhancing User Engagement

At Redmon Group we pride ourselves on developing a creative experience for users. Be it at museums, transit centers, online via websites or other online e-learning tools. We're here for you.

We Know a Thing or Two

We build long lasting relationships with our clients by partnering with them to achieve their goals.

Transit Display

Redmon’s customizable Transit Display solution helps commuters find nearby transit options and information quickly.

Digital Learning

Online training and immersive, scenario-based learning simulations from anywhere on any device.

Interactive Media

Engage your customer with an immersive media experience, no matter what industry.

Web Development

Mobile first, responsive and smart content management let you spend time running your business, not your website.

AV Integration

At Redmon Group we can help give your software application a reliable and maintainable home in the real world.

Latest News and Resources

The Future of Public Transit: 5 Trends in 2024

Published: 12/01/2023

Public transit has been resilient despite the past few years’ challenges. Setbacks such as lower ridership due to remote work, budget shortfalls, and more. Read More >

Website optimization

Website Optimization Tools for Site Improvement

Published: 11/09/2023

Website optimization tools are key for diagnosing why a website is slow, has accessibility issues or even how to improve the site for search engine optimization (SEO). Read More >

Web 3.0 Technology, the Next Phase of the Internet

Published: 10/17/2023

Web 3.0 is emerging at this time; and it promises a better Internet, taking the best of the previous phases. The evolution of Internet comprises of 3 phases: Web 1.0, 2.0 and 3. However, these phases don’t replace their previous phase, there is, and will always be some sort of an overlap. Read More >

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