Taking Charge

Digital Learning


Taking Charge is a mobile website designed exclusively for a research study for use on a mobile device only for ISA Group. The site is for anyone who is interested in staying active and healthy. It is targeted for adults who are interested in life-long learning and living life to its fullest. Taking Charge is designed to help you make and maintain the behavioral choices that will enable you to be as healthy as you can be.

The site is fully responsive, uses the content management system Mura, and has an administrative system with user management and tracking features. The site has about 120 pages all of which contain some sort of media (audio, video, images, illustrations, animations) or interactives (quizzes, slideshows, “click for more”, etc.) created by Redmon.

Additionally, Taking Charge has some specialized tools including a goal-setting tool and a daily health diary, as well as two text-based systems (one for receiving daily affirmative health messages and one for helping ensure responsible drinking).

Specialized tools including a goal-setting tool, a daily health diary, and two text-based systems help users work toward a healthier lifestyle.