Client: Foulger-Pratt

Project: Silver Spring Transit Center Digital Signage

Redmon Group deployed Transit Displays station-wide to 32 bus bays at the multi-agency Silver Spring Transit Center in Silver Spring, Maryland. The transit center serves passengers of Metrobus, Montgomery County Ride-On, and the University of Maryland shuttle. Commuters at the Transit Center are provided real-time arrival information for local buses and the Metrorail, transit schedules, station information, weather and local alerts on a continuous system that ensures riders see the most up-to-the-minute information no matter where they wish to go. Redmon's Push-to-Talk assistive devices at each display provide ADA-compliant audio playback and text-enlargement on the displays for sight and hearing-impaired passengers.

Service Area: Digital Signage

Redmon Tasks: Deployed Transit Display software, hardware specification and installation, Graphic Interface, Flash, ColdFusion, project management

Industry: Transportation, Public Sector