Client: GoRaleigh Transit

Project: GoRaleigh Transit Station Transit Displays

Redmon Group was selected to design and install our Transit Display system at GoRaleigh Transit’s renovated downtown bus station. Redmon deployed our Transit Display software and content management system (CMS) to 36 outdoor-rated LCD displays throughout the station and at the information booth. Approximately 80 buses per hour travel through the station at the peak hours. Our CMS parses GoRaleigh’s bus data to display information relevant to each transit station platform. Redmon designed a custom presentation that utilizes GoRaleigh’s branding and features real-time departure information, service alerts, maps, news, and fares.

Redmon worked with GoRaleigh transit planners and architects to deploy a hardware solution for newly installed station platforms and awnings. Redmon configured and installed groups of pole-mounted, double-sided displays 11 to 13 feet from the ground at 5 platforms using off-the-shelf and custom-designed hardware. The solution, built seamlessly into GoRaleigh’s existing structures, provides passengers real-time information throughout the station. Redmon also configured and installed 8 large LCD displays at the station information booth. Our engineers trained staff on updating content within our CMS and provided documentation in order for agency staff to train others on use of the CMS. Redmon continues to provide remote monitoring of the signage software.

Service Area: Digital Signage

Redmon Tasks: Deployed Transit Display software, hardware specification and installation, graphic interface design, project management

Industry: Transportation, Public Sector