Your website is an important tool for communicating with your audience. But maintaining it shouldn't get in the way of running your business. Our complete solutions give you the ability to maintain your website with ease.

Your Content Under Your Control

With today's content management systems, updating your website is as easy as composing an email. While our designers work with you to make sure the look and feel captures the essence of your brand, they also work with our programmers to ensure the design remains flexible once it becomes integrated with the CMS. This increases the longevity of the design and allows you to make content updates to your heart's content without worrying about breaking the design.

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Dedicated Developers for Your Data

For more complex, data-driven sites, we've got the technical staff to meet your database, e-commerce, and other backend needs. We can help you integrate third-party products or build what you need from scratch to handle business needs such as product management, payment authorization, order tracking, accounting, reporting, and customer relationship management (CRM).

Open Source Solutions

Whenever possible, we rely on off-the-shelf open source software packages like Mura, Railo, and MySQL. This means your project is not locked up in some propriety code that only we have the keys to open. The source code of these languages are open to anyone so collaborating or handing off a project to another vendor is as easy as sending over the files.

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  • Graphic design
  • Responsive design
  • Front end: HTML, JavaScript, CSS
  • Back end: SQL, ColdFusion, Railo, ASP.NET
  • Information architecture
  • Content strategy
  • Social media support
  • E-commerce

Case Study

Greater Richmond Transit Company (GRTC)

Screenshot of GRTC Destination Marketing website

Redmon designed and developed two web systems for the GRTC web destination marketing project: an Itinerary Management System (IMS) and a microsite template for the system’s Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) stations. The IMS features a complete custom itinerary that helps users accurately plan travel time and dwell time around Richmond.
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