Touch screens, gesture sensors, and augmented reality are raising the bar for what people expect when it comes to an immersive media experience. Visitors are no longer content to meander passively through a maze of static exhibits. They want to interact with information and influence their learning experience.

Solutions for Any Industry

No industry has a monopoly on the use of interactive experiences. Whether it's commercial, government, education, or museums, more and more organizations are discovering the benefits of engaging their visitors with experiences or "interactives." We've worked with clients in all of these industries to create information kiosks, large format touch screen interactives, and fully immersive museum exhibits.

Photo of girl using a gesture based interactive at the SPACE: A Journey to Our Future exhibit.

Toolbox of Tools

At Redmon, we have extensive experience with all types of interactive media and hardware. We use Flash, video, audio, 3-D graphics, animation, games, touch screens, mobile devices and many other multimedia technologies to create engaging and memorable experiences for your audience. When your project requires integrating hardware, our team can help you determine what components will be required for your project and get it all working together.

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  • Adobe Flash/AIR
  • Mobile device programming
  • Audio and video production
  • 3-D graphics
  • Animation
  • Database design
  • Phidgets
  • RS-232 and MIDI control
  • Hardware/network integration and testing

Case Study

U-505 Exibit for the Chicago Museum of Science & Industry

Photo of two young boys using an interactive at the U-505 exhibit.

We designed and developed several interactive experiences for this immersive exhibit including "Dive Trainer", a multi-player motion-platform submarine control simulation, and "Attack Periscope," which enables visitors to assist the Captain with an attempt to target and sink an enemy ship in a fully 3d environment.
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