Client: Pulsar Advertising

Project: Virginia Railway Express Website

Redmon developed and deployed a state-of-the-art website for Virginia Railway Express (VRE), Northern Virginia’s commuter-oriented rail passenger service. Partnered with Pulsar, Redmon implemented a responsively-designed site and content management system (CMS) that provides a one stop portal for riders and VRE staff to update, communicate, and find information.

Our team authored a CMS online forum module that effectively administers contributor questions and user feedback. Redmon modernized Train Talk Alerts, a bulletin alert system, by developing a module that communicates with GovDelivery Service, VRE’s subscriber listserv. We integrated mobile-friendly maps to provide riders a live view of train locations, status, and arrival times from anywhere on any screen.

Redmon built VRE’s content to be fully ADA compliant. The site employs modern web standards that ensure all parts of the site will function with web-assisted screen readers, helping VRE achieve its goal to provide everyone with access their web content. Additionally, we developed and implemented language translation tools, social sharing tools, and migrated VRE’s blog to the new CMS, allowing all web communication tasks to be performed in the same environment.

Service Area: Websites

Redmon Tasks: Graphic and interface design, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Mura CMS development, project management

Industry: Transportation