Client: Time-Life Education

Project: Eleanor Roosevelt: Freedom’s Champion CD-ROM

Produced by Redmon for Time-Life Education’s History Makers series, this CD-ROM title is about Eleanor Roosevelt, the humanitarian and First Lady of President Franklin D. Roosevelt. The program includes an interactive time line that traces both the life of Eleanor Roosevelt and major historical events of that period, as well as a biographical directory of key figures who were involved in events surrounding the equal rights, labor, and reform movements. Photographs, maps, audio clips, and historical quotes provide a vast array of background information for student research. In-depth stories chronicle ethical dilemmas faced by prominent leaders during this turning point in American history. The interface provides easy-to-use, intuitive, menu-driven navigation through the program. This CD-ROM is a content-rich, highly interactive, and valuable source of information about America's "champion of freedom."

Produced in 1999.

Service Area: E-Learning, Interactives

Redmon Tasks: Graphic, interface, and instructional design, programming and authoring, audio production and editing, testing, documentation, project management

Industry: Education, Media