Client: Smithsonian National Zoological Park

Project: Small Mammal House RFID-triggered Exhibit

Redmon Group developed a turnkey presentation solution for Smithsonian National Zoological Park's mole-rats exhibit located in the Small Mammal House. The solution uses a universal RFID reader placed around a tube, which read micro-chipped naked mole-rats running through their habitat. When a naked mole-rat passes through the RFID reader, the visitor gets to see unique information about that specific mole-rat displayed on a screen. When no active mole-rats are passing through the RFID reader, the screen displays illustrations and educational fun-facts to help teach visitors about what makes the animals unique and interesting. 

Redmon designed and installed the system to help facilitate easy updates for Park staff. The system accommodates multiple RFID frequencies to account for various types of microchips the mole-rats may be tagged with in the future. The system's content updates may provide visitors with the latest research and keep the frequently changing mole-rat population up to date. 

Service Area: Interactives

Redmon Tasks: Interactive programming and development, hardware specification, graphic interface design, project management

Industry: Museum, Public Sector