Client: Organizational Wellness and Learning Systems (OWLS)

Project: Intelliprev

Organizational Wellness & Learning Systems (OWLS) is an organization dedicated to finding ways to create or maintain a healthy working environment while still realizing a profit. Redmon implemented the Intelligent Prevention (IntelliPrev) system for OWLS to help human resources and other responsible individuals to understand the wellness “climate” of  an organization in an attempt to identify and address risk areas. Features of the program include a fully-narrated collection of nine learning modules that each include multiple interactive opportunities and analysis tools.

Produced in 2005.

Service Area: E-Learning

Redmon Tasks: Graphic design, interface design, and instructional design, information architecture, HTML, JavaScript, XML, Flash, Action Script, Cold Fusion, and SQL Server development, audio production and editing, testing, documentation, and project management

Industry: Healthcare