Client: Design and Production

Project: National Guard Memorial Museum & Library

The first museum dedicated to the National Guard opened in Washington, D.C. on March 17, 2003. The museum explores why Americans leave the comfort and security of their families, homes, and jobs to take on the role of combat pilots, tank commanders, and military logisticians. Redmon was asked to produce narrative and ambient audio and design and develop interactive exhibits and kiosks for the museum. The museum’s core exhibit areas immerse visitors in the Guard experience from colonial times to the modern era using artifacts, photos, and lighting effects timed to Redmon-produced soundtracks. Visitors can access the "State of the Guard" touchscreen kiosk to learn more about the Guard, including locations and notable members, and then record personal information and comments in the Guestbook kiosk.

Produced in 2001.

Service Area: Interactives

Redmon Tasks: Graphic, interface, and instructional design; VB .NET and SQL Server development; audio production and editing; hardware integration; testing, documentation, and project management

Industry: Museums, Public Sector