LYNX Central Station

Transit Display

Tailored Transit Information & Advertising

Redmon Group was selected to deploy our Transit Display system at LYNX Central Station in Downtown Orlando, Florida. LYNX utilizes the Redmon Transit Display software and content management system (CMS) to deliver tailored transit information and advertising to 24 bus bays. Outdoor-rated LCD displays are mounted back-to-back and offer route arrivals, alerts, and ads specific to the destination serving a given bay.

Redmon designed a custom presentation that utilizes the LYNX branding. 

Redmon worked with LYNX transit planners and a general contractor to deploy a hardware solution that would seamlessly integrate into existing station platforms and awnings. Redmon specified and designed an off-the-shelf and custom-designed mounting solution to meet design and architectural requirements. We also deployed our Push-to-Talk ADA compliant text-to-speech devices that help passengers of all abilities access real-time transit information. Our engineers trained staff on updating content within our CMS and provided documentation in order for agency staff to train others on the use of the CMS.