Jacksonville Transit Authority

Transit Display

Real-time Bus Arrival Information, Citywide

Redmon Group designed and configured Transit Displays and audio speaker systems for 28 totem enclosures located at bus stops throughout the city of Jacksonville, Florida as well as four displays for the Rosa Parks Transit Station, Jacksonville’s downtown intermodal transit station.

Alongside the real-time bus arrivals and commuter news, JTA updates promotional content on the displays using the Transit Display CMS.

JTA relied on Redmon’s knowledge-base and expertise to procure display equipment that would withstand the extreme weather conditions experienced in Florida at various times of the year. Redmon led a team of JTA staff members to install equipment procured by the agency. Our engineers trained staff on technical maintenance and provided documentation in order for agency staff to maintain the system with in-house resources. Redmon continues to provide remote monitoring of the signage software.