Client: City of Gardena, California

Project: GTrans Website

The City of Gardena, California contracted Redmon and Pulsar to build and support a new website to coincide with the rebranding of their service from Gardena Municipal Bus Lines to GTrans. The website hosts content previous hosted on the City’s website, including bus schedules and contact forms. Redmon used the CMS Wordpress to host this website with some Redmon-built plugins to accommodate GTrans-specific functionality. The introduction of a new brand introduced SEO challenges to this project. Redmon coded HTML and worked with the City on content to call attention to the service’s name change. Using a mobile-first design approach, Redmon utilized Google Map's API, plotted GTFS information on the map, and created a trip planner. 


Service Area: Websites

Redmon Tasks: Interface design, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Wordpress CMS development, project management

Industry: Public Sector, Tranportation