Client: Greater Richmond Transit Company

Project: Web Destination Marketing Websites

Redmon designed and developed two web systems for the Greater Richmond Transit Company’s (GRTC) web destination marketing project: an Itinerary Management System (IMS) and a microsite template for the system’s Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) stations. Redmon created templates designed to match elements and look and feel of GRTC’s current website. The features of the IMS provide a complete custom itinerary that helps users accurately plan travel time and dwell time around Richmond. The IMS tools allows users to choose multiple destinations, provides directions on how to travel to each location by public transit, and incorporates location dwell time so users can know exactly when and where to catch the bus to their next location. System administrators are able to save custom itineraries for use on the BRT microsites that promote the new stations in Richmond’s downtown area. Additionally, the sites are programmed to automatically populate with information about nearby events pulled from local news sources.

Service Area: Websites

Redmon Tasks: Google APIs integration, interface design, information architecture, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, Expressions Engine (EE3), and project management

Industry: Transportation