Client: Formations

Project: Wabash County Historical Museum Journey to Liberty Mills Interactive

Redmon was engaged by Formations, Inc. to develop an interactive experience for the new Wabash County Historical Museum in Wabash, Indiana. In “Journey to Liberty Mills,” the visitor takes the role of a settler in the early 1800’s attempting to assemble the best possible collection of belongings in preparation for their move to the then-recently available settlements in Liberty Mills. The touchscreen interactive incorporates an extensive library of photos and descriptions of historical artifacts available to settlers at the time, and presents multiple outcomes based on visitor selections.

Produced in 2006.

Service Area: Interactives

Redmon Tasks: Graphic design, interface design, instructional design, information architecture, Flash ActionScript and AIR development, audio production and editing, 2D animation, hardware integration, testing, and project management

Industry: Museums