Client: Design and Production

Project: Edventure Children’s Museum

The EdVenture Children's Museum in Columbia, South Carolina enables school children to explore the adult “World of Work.” Redmon created several interactive exhibits for the museum including the “Emergency Decision Center,” where visitors manage an imaginary emergency situation; the “Newsroom,” where they assemble the front page of a high-profile newspaper; the “Personal Financial Decision Center,” where they learn about financial concepts; “Safety IQ,” where they learn about fire and personal safety in a multi-player “game show,” and “Cast Your Vote,” where they learn about voting and the impact every vote has on an election. Visitors use their “Eddie Buck” card (containing an RFID tag) to activate the various interactive exhibits in the “World of Work.” Visitor experience data is written directly to the RFID-card, allowing the experience to be customized on-the-fly (and reducing overhead by eliminating the need for a client-server network).

Produced in 2004.

Service Area: Interactives

Redmon Tasks: Graphic, interface, and instructional design; information architecture, XML, Flash, ActionScript, and VB .NET development; audio production and editing; 3D modeling and animation; hardware integration; testing, documentation, and project management

Industry: Museums