Challenger Center for Space Science Education

Interactive Media

Custom Educational Experiences

Since 2010, Redmon has been actively working with the Challenger Center for Space Science Education, a global network of more than 50 interactive learning environments/simulators. Redmon upgrades and enhances their interactive mission simulation systems continually. 

Working under a NASA grant, Redmon and Challenger Center developed and programmed a new multi-participant mission simulation investigating the various interrelated biological, climatological, and geologic processes of Earth. Redmon also updated Challenger Center’s classic Moon mission simulation and produced media for both missions.

The new missions are designed to appeal to high-school and middle-school aged students. The missions were built from scratch to work in the new Sim3 mission environment, which allows for location-specific customization and enhanced presentation options.

Redmon’s CMS integrates authoring capabilities, content management, on-demand media presentation, a scripting engine, and much more.