Client: Behavioral Research Incorporated

Project: Rapid Assessment for Drugs, Alcohol and Risky Sex

RADARS is a rapid, web-based assessment that evaluates risk levels for drugs (tobacco, alcohol and drugs—legal and illegal) and sexual risky behaviors and provides educational feedback about these risks. The program is fully narrated in both English and Spanish. Once a person completes RADARS, reports are generated for both themselves and their provider, highlighting areas of concern and areas of success. Redmon built RADARS to be highly customizable and expandable.

Redmon’s work on RADARS was done as part of Behavioral Research Inc.’s funding from the National Institute on Drug Abuse (contract #: HHSN27120100020C, NIDA Reference #: N44DA-10-5556).

Service Area: E-Learning

Redmon Tasks: Graphic, interface, instructional and database design, Flash, ActionScript, XML, ColdFusion and MySQL development, audio production and editing, project management

Industry: Healthcare