Client: Behavioral Research Incorporated

Project: Pregnancy Information Program

The Pregnancy Information Program is an interactive, narrated (in English and Spanish) interview tool designed to gather information about high-risk behaviors from women in their first trimester of pregnancy and to promote behavioral change. To accommodate the target audience of low income/high risk women accessing the application at community clinics, Redmon built the program for delivery on an Ultra Mobile PC. The portability of this device facilitates privacy in a clinic setting, and the touch screen helps negate potential computer literacy issues. Redmon’s work on the Pregnancy Information Program was done as part of Behavioral Research Inc.’s SBIR Phase II grant (number 2R44DA016045) from the National Institute on Drug Abuse.

Service Area: E-Learning

Redmon Tasks: Graphic, interface and instructional design, Flash, ActionScript and XML development, audio production and editing, video production and editing, project management

Industry: Healthcare