Client: Arlington County Commuter Services

Project: Car-Free Diet Website

To further its mission of reducing traffic congestion, Arlington County Commuter Services launched the Car-Free Diet campaign to promote the use of public transportation, carpooling, biking and walking to get around the Arlington area. Redmon teamed up with Pulsar Advertising to develop the campaign’s website, the center piece of the Car-Free Diet initiative. At the core of the site is the Calculator, which allows commuters to view personalized estimates of how much money they’ll save, calories they’ll burn, and CO2 emissions they’ll reduce by taking the car-free challenge.

Service Area: Mobile, Websites

Redmon Tasks: Graphic Interface, Responsive design, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, XML, Flash, Action Script, Mura, Cold Fusion, PHP, MySQL, SQL Server development, Documentation, Project management

Industry: Public Sector, Transportation